Switch it on Projects
Welkom Industrial Controls prides itself on its projects. We have been involved in projects since 1988, when the company was started. We have implemented from small generator installations, to massive medium voltage refrigeration plants, pump stations, ore loading and air compressors. We have done substation monitoring for municipalities and water pumping systems. We are involved in gold production and surveillance monitoring. We understand plant and mining processes and can develop any system for you. Welkom Industrial Controls has the capability to design electronic embedded systems and can do custom software for these devices. An Asset Management and Tracking system was developed for the mines to track rolling assets and personal underground. This system can be used to track and manage any equipment. Bar Code or various RFID tags can be interfaced to the system. The system is based on Microsoft SQL server. Custom drivers can be added to read various tag readers. This system was later changed to a lamp room management system. We have developed custom software for BHP Biliton for a material tracking system on an aluminium plant. The project was done originally by a Norwegian company. WIC was asked to complete the project. Custom VB code and class objects were developed to interface to a Soft-PLC system to retrieve and push data into a SQL database from a Modicon Quatum PLC. Custom user interface software was also developed. We also developed a winder simulator for the DME for training purposes. We pride ourselves on the high standards of installation and the delivering of  a good quality product to the end user.
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