Switch it on 27 year in the Business
Welkom Industrial Controls is a strong believer in solar power. We have spent a lot of our own money the last few years on a solar energy system. This varies from PV panels to solar sun tracking and water heating. We have explored with ORC and generated steam with solar collectors. We focus mainly on solar PV systems. Currently we can help from a solar off-grid system, to grid interactive and grid-tie systems. We have tested a few inverters and chargers and have standardized on the better ones. We have developed a modular system that can be expanded from an inverter/charger with a few batteries to a large system, that can handle your house or business, without utility power. Contact us for more information, or visit us at our premises to discuss your needs. We currently have two systems namely: Grid-Tie and Grid-Interactive System. The grid-interactive system can also be used in a total off-grid system. Depending on the size of the system load, battery backup time load management system can also be added to control to a load profile priority. This will switch off non-critical loads when the battery banks reach a  specific state of charge. Automatic generator control can also be implemented to start a generator, to charge the battery bank, or to supply load. We have all the building blocks to create an intelligent system to utilize the best from solar energy for you. HMI’s, with internet accessibility, to remotely monitor or control the system, are also options to select from. This will improve your solar experience, to visualize the sunny money. There are a lot of systems available. We have evidence that our systems work well and we have spent the time to test and understand these systems and solar energy. We will sell and install the system that meets all electrical standards. Welkom Industrial Controls can guarantee it will work and you will be an owner of a sunny system and save the earth. Be part of the family.
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