Switch it on 27 year in the Business Network & Fibre
Nowadays everything is connected via a network. Internet and ethernet are the buzz words. We understand them and can help you with small commercial network switches as well as very high tech industrial network switches with 10GB throughput and redundant networks. There is a wide range of manufacturers available and high-end network devices and switches are pretty complex. We understand them and can advise and guide you to select the correct ones. Take note that we are an automation company, thus we need high throughput and reliable equipment, as our processes are being controlled through these networks. We have access to products that will use old telephone lines for ethernet communication, from a few meters, to +- 20 km. Welkom Industrial Controls can also offer routing and we have our own private APN at Vodacom. We do remote monitoring and control with these Vodacom APN’s. This network is routable and PLC programming and remote monitoring with HMI’s and remote monitoring software can be done through these networks. This is much better than the traditional slow radio telemetry networks, if Vodacom is available. With fibre we do mine shaft cable to aerial fibre, patch leads, pigtails, mid couplers and splicing. Contact us and we can supply. For a complex installation of networks,visit or give us a call and we will visit you at your site.
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