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We are currently upgrading an electrical LT incomer for a client in the food and beverage industry. The system consists of two 6.6 kV to 400 1.25 MW transformers with backup generators. Masterpack circuit breakers will be used for the generator bus synchronization. A new automatic change over system and a generator bus panel will be implemented.
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An automated pump system is being developed for a client to test pump efficiency. A custom software tool is used to control the automated valve. Flow against pressure is then measured and recorded. The design flow against head pressure is then shown as a graph to indicate the efficiency of the pump. The result can be stored or printed as a test report.
640 kVA Generator
A network backup system was developed for a client. This system uses a 24 VDC backup system to supply the network switches. An automated battery test system was developed to interface a Victron BMV battery monitor system to an ethernet TCPIP network. The system will automatic test and report the battery backup system on a scheduled base. The system can be interface with a SCADA system. Extended battery backup can be added to the system to prevent power loss.
A MCC (Motor Control Cubicle) is being developed to control water pumps. The pump controller will be equiped with TeSys-T motor starters. These starters will be controlled from a PLC. There will be two 200 kW, 75 kW and a 35 kW starter.
The network enclosure will made provision for three 16 port switches with 4 1GB SFP modules. Four 3M boxes will be available as a standard option.