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Welkom Industrial Controls has installed and upgraded many small generators. We use these generators on your surveillance systems for UPS backup. Many of our clients needs backup for there businesses if load shedding occurs. Hospitals with ICU need backup power in a short time. These generators are pre-heated. Electronic speed governors is installed with a generator controlers and protection units. We use mainly Deep-Sea and Woodward equipment on our for generators.
Small Generator ( 10 kVA to 250 kVA )
Welkom Industrial Controls was involved in a few large generators. The latest was an old 1.5 MVA generator set, what was moved to a new site. The prime mover was a 60L V16 diesel engine. The prime mover protection was changed to a PLC system and the speed governor to a Woodward ProAct ISC. The 500V alternator (1200A) was step-up to 6.6 kV and fed into a breaker bus-bar system, where it supplied four transformers with eight compressors. We were also involved in a 13MW and a 20MW gas turbine upgrades. These generators can be synchronized with the utility or run as standalone for emergency backup.
Medium to Large Generator ( 500 kVA to 20 000 kVA )
250 kVA Generator Generator HMI 50 kVA Generator MTU 210L V20 Diesel 1.5 MVA Generator SCADA for 1.5 MVA Home Why Use Us Products Projects Career Events Contact