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Installation (Panels, Instruments, Cable Racks, Piping)
We understand complex cable racks and wire routes from control panels to the field equipment. Designing of your cable racks, building or using pre-manufacturing racks is a second nature to us. Let us help you to install those racks and the cables. We can supply cables from 1 pair instrumentation to 185 4 core cable. Not so easy to install but we will do it for you. We can bend and fit Instrumentation piping to your instruments. We have years of experience in process connections and piping. Installing control panels, motor control centres (MCC) and field junction boxes, this what we do. We can fit your instruments to the process and wire it to the PLC panels for field junction boxes. We can install your surveillance equipment cameras and network nodes in the field. We suggest using our systems, but we can help with yours.
6.6kV Cables to Chillers
600V and control cables to MCC
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