Switch it on 27 year in the Business Programable Logic Controllers (PLC)
Programmable Logic Controller have changed from ladder logic to statement list, function block, sequencing chart programing over the last 10 years. The network capability has also improved dramatically from serial low speed interface to very high speed ethernet and dedicated communication protocols to handle remote and distributed i/o. The processing power of the controller also have improved. There is almost nothing that can’t be solved with these controller in the industrial market. Welkom Industrial Controls do mainly the Schneider Electric PLC’s namely the Quantum, Momentum and now the M340, M580 and other Unity processors. We come from the era where the 484, 884 and 984 processors was the talk of the town. We can help you to upgrade from the Modsoft, Concept area to the new Unity way of doing things. A massive improvement forward. The sky is the limit. Welkom Industrial Controls has developed a very rich library of process objects from the concept area and moved that library to unity. This library was also moved over to the Allen-Bradley Logix 5000. These library’s are from analogue,digital processing, controling a simple on/off device to complex variable speed drive and processes. Contact or visit us to discuss these standards. We will gladly help you to implement these standards on your process or plants. These standards have been in the field for the last 15 years and is rock solid for any complex design. It definitely met the 20th century automation and control standards. These PLC’s have massive processing power to solve any process and plant control problems very fast. Standing process or plants these days are great losses on production and can not be afforded. The modules will also help in prevention maintenance to prevent beak downs.
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