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Industrial - Low Voltage (230VAC to 1000VAC)
For the last 15 years Welkom Industrial Controls have done many motor control cubicles from small to over a 1000A bus-bar system. We use known companies to build the MCC and do the main bus-bar systems. The detail control wiring of the direct on line (DOL), soft starters or variable speed drives are done by us. We know the PLC and devices to control these electrical devices and can design to the interface capabilities of these devices. We believe in the ethernet era and we have standardized on the Schneider Electrical TeSysT motor protection devices. The PLC control these motor starters and protection device direct via ethernet. We still use hard-wire safety wiring involved to protect a lock out of the device or motor. Call or visit us to discuss your needs. We are willing to help and share our experience to improve your operation.
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