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Completed - This Year
Welkom Industrial Controls has completed projects since 1988. Never has a project been left incomplete from our side. We are a commited team.
A manual control surface ventilation fan was upgraded over the new year period. A M340 PLC was installed to control the MCC and MV starter. The ventilation fan used a liquid starter to start the motor. IFM vibration units were installed on the fan and interfaced with the PLC via modbus TCPIP.
Sibanye Gold Surface Ventilation Fan Upgrade  - January 2016
An ECAM unit was developed to interface to the modbus protocol. The unit receives a RF signal from the conveyance of the weight of the skips. The information is then send to the ECAM unit that sends the information to a M340 PLC. The weight is then reported via a magelis HMI that represents a small SCADA and reporting system.
Joel Skips Loading Report System - February 2016
This project consisted of a small PLC to record air, water and electrical water usage. The unit  supplies water and air to the stope area for an 8 hour period. An alarm indicates that the air and water supply automatically shuts down. The miner can request additional resources if needed. These units can be interfaced to a fibre ethernet network or used as a standalone system to save water, air and electricity. An automated light shut down function, is also included.
Air Water Electrical (AWE) System - March 2016
This was a project to control the mixing of lime with temperature control and feeder speed. The mixing tanks were too small and level control was impossible. The project was converted to a monitoring system of temperature and usage of lime. The running indication of the transfer pumps, agitators and screw feeder were also monitored.
Lime Plant Monitoring System - March 2016
A logging system was developed to monitor the maximum loads and energy usage and to prevent future overloading. The temperature, voltages and current were monitored. Additional inputs to monitor CO, air and water usage are also available. The data is stored on the logger. If an ethernet network is available the data will automatically be uploaded to a FTP server. A tablet or PDA can also be used to manually transfer the data to a SQL server. A PME or Wonderware Historian system can be interfaced to the EBX loggers.
Mini-Sub Energy Logger- April 2016
A BAT radio 5.8 GHz system was used to connect a remote SCADA system to the Phoenix 500 monitoring system that was implemented a few years ago. The operators at the remote site has a full SCADA system to monitor the complete system as if they were in the control room. This improves production and helps to prevent unnecessary down time.
Radio Link for Remote SCADA Monitor  - April 2016
The project was an upgrade from an old acer PLC. A M340 PLC was used in conjunction with a Magelis HMI. The MV starter was also replaced and a P225 protection relay was installed. The existing field instruments were used in this project.
Upgrade of Surface Ventilation Fan (Masimong) - June 2016
The mine decided to upgrade four pumps on two levels. These pumps will  start and stop automatically to save electrical energy during peek times. Pumping will take place in off peak times. Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC’s were used for the project. The mine asked for the Magelis HMI’s for the pump stations. This was no problem for us, because we had implemented this combination in the past and it works well. The MV switch-gear was re-wired to improve the safety and the drawings were updated. The MV starters for the pumps use vacuum contactors. A Micom P225 protection relay was installed on the pumps.
DSM Nyala Pump Station - August 2016
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This was a project to supply backup power to the mine control room. A 10 kVA 3 phase UPS was used to supply power for the SCADA and Surveillance system while a 30 kVA generator is starting. An AMF system will then select the generator supply for the UPS and auxillary equipment. The generator is protected and controlled via a DSE 7320 controller. The system is interfaced with a HMI via modbus to the DSE controller.
Control Room Backup System - August 2016