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Welkom Industrial Controls do not build medium voltage panels. We mainly uses Actom for that. We are up to speed with the SBV4 and SBV5 design of MV switch gear. We have modifies these breaker controls to interface to motor starters. We again know what we need from the PLC size and modify the controls to be fail safe and beter to control. We can assist you in specify the standard to these breaker manufacturers, supervised and coordinate the design of the switch gear. Welkom Industrial Controls can help you to install and commission the switch gear to your existing or new control equipment. We have done a few 2 MW 6.6kV soft starters for big water pumps and have done many 2 to 10MW air compressor with some of them equiped with a reactor and others with auto transformer starters. We have very good experience in setting the protection of these size motors and do primary or secondary injection testing to make sure that the protection will work if needed. Contact us and we will come and visit you.
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