Switch it on 27 year in the Business Solar PV Systems
A grid-interactive system is the best all-rounder. These systems can supply power in the event of load shedding or a loss of main power. If a solar PV charger is connected to the system, then solar energy can be used to charge the battery banks. It can also supply energy to load. If energy is still left after the load has been satisfied, the excessive energy is pushed back into your home. Other electrical apparatus will use that energy. It can also push energy back into the utility. Hopefully in the near future, the utility companies will buy our solar energy, as they do in other countries around the world. This system will provide light in the dark days. This system is not as efficient as the grid-tie system, but you will be satisfied. Contact us, or visit us to see how it works. It is a backup system, but can also save money.
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